The Traces We Leave Behind

Digital Identities on the Web by DanieKrie Very few people really understand the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity. The technology is still in its infancy, and some enterprising individuals are pioneering its real-world adoption right now. What is necessary to understand here, though, is that it’s founded on something called Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs). What DIDs do […]

What is Self-Sovereign Identity?

by Linus Naumann You are someone. The world has stepped into a new age of digital connection. Our lives, societies and economies are now fully mingled with the digital world. This also means that both our digital and physical lives have something important in common, they rely heavily on our personal identity. Be it meeting […]

Welcome to the Tangle Labs Blog.

As we continue to work together to push the boundaries of IOTA technology and drive adoption in the use of Decentralized Digital Identity, we feel it’s also important to help you to understand what this actually means. So, what better way to fix that than to create a blog! Here we will be sharing not […]